Tired of always having to do repetitive tasks manually? Why bother when there are tons of automation programs that can get the job done for you? Most programs here will allow you to fine-tune the behaviour you are trying to achieve in a few easy steps.

Suspicious Ninja Software

Konrad Twardowski

PragmaDigm, Inc.

Alexey 'Tyrrrz' Golub

Robin Keir

David De Groot

FSL - FreeSoftLand

HiBase Group

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NTWind Software

FreeAutoShutdown Co., Ltd.

Rudenko Software

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Tray Wizard

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Programmer's Tool

Cypress Technologies

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Tranquil IT Systems

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Tommaso Madonia

DGTSoft Inc.

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Nozavi's Apps

AvniTech Solutions

EpcSoft, Inc.