Back up and restore your files in Windows 10

To protect our data from loss or damage, we should use backup and restore programs most of which used to be hard to understand and cope with. We have picked five software that will back up your files, folders, disks and entire system with ease due to their intuitive interface and wizards. All of them have flexible options and extra features, look through our selection and make your choice.

Top Free Data Recovery Tools of 2019

Data recovery tools will help you get your important files back. Browse, preview, and undelete audio and video files, photos, documents, and emails from damaged and formatted disks. We made a list of most used file recovery programs, compared them, and picked the best solution.

More backup & restore

NNG Software Developing and Commercial Llc

3.7 on 7 votes

Recovery Toolbox, Inc.

3.1 on 12 votes

SafeBytes Software Inc.

3.2 on 15 votes

Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.

3.7 on 9 votes


4 on 6 votes

Stellar Information Systems Ltd.

4 on 7 votes

KirySoft S.R.L.

4.8 on 4 votes

CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd.

4.2 on 5 votes

7-Data Recovery Software

3.4 on 11 votes

Wondershare Technology Corp.

2.4 on 98 votes


2.9 on 14 votes

O&O Software GmbH

4.3 on 6 votes

Eassos Co., Ltd.

4.2 on 5 votes


3.3 on 12 votes

Runtime Software, LLC

3.5 on 19 votes


4.3 on 6 votes

Acronis, LLC

4 on 7 votes

Enplase Research

3.3 on 12 votes

Restore SQL Database

4.3 on 6 votes


4.5 on 4 votes

DC Studios

3.9 on 10 votes

TogetherShare Data Recovery

5 on 4 votes

Mitja Perko

2.9 on 12 votes

Hetman Software

5 on 4 votes

SysDev Laboratories LLC

5 on 4 votes

Brian Kato

3.5 on 12 votes


4.4 on 5 votes

Pro Data Doctor Pvt. Ltd.

4.4 on 5 votes

Jabat Software

4.5 on 4 votes

Hahn Technology, Inc.

5 on 4 votes