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Percentages Calculator is a perfect calculating tool for everybody, whether you are good at maths, or not.

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Calculate. Comment. Correct. CalcTape is a revolutionary new kind of pocket calculator.

... any other percentage calculation easily. - ... , exponentials, percentage calculations and much ...


Calcutta II is a cool looking calculator which offers besides the standard math functions many conversions not found in other calculators.

... looking calculator which ... calculator. Full memory functions and percentage calculations ...


Banking Finance Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 11 Financial Calculators

... Calculator includes the following Calculators: - Annual Percentage ...

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Menu Bar Percent Calculator is a tiny menu bar application that helps you calculate percentages with ease.

... helps you calculate percentages with ease ... make percentages-related calculations instantly ...


Pocket Tip calculates the total amount with gratuity from the percentage specified by the user.

... Tip calculates the ... from the percentage specified ... the tip percentage. Calculates the ...

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Scaletron! is a scaling calculator — an electronic replacement for the old graphic arts proportion wheel ...

... and artwork, calculating page enlargements ... the scaling percentage. Enter an ...

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Stock Calculator is a profit/loss and share price calculator application.

... price calculator application. Stock Calculator is ... flat rate, percentage, per share ...


Imagine this scenario: You just scored individual questions on a stack of papers and now you need to calculate grades.

... it calculate the overall percentage, ... generated calculating the percentage corresponding ...


Calculates the percentage of a figure, and shows the result along with the plus total (percentage added) and minus total (percentage deducted).

Calculates the percentage of a figure, ... minus total (percentage deducted). You ...


Finance Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 97 Financial Calculators Split into 5 Categories:

... Includes 31 Calculators: - Annuity - ... Includes 11 Calculators: - Annual Percentage Yield ...