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Cheat Engine Download
4.2 on 3899 votes

Cheat Engine helps you figure out how a game or application works and make modifications to it.

Quick Memory Editor Download
4.3 on 17 votes

Quick Memory Editor is a powerful game hack software that can cheat games easily.

MegaTrainer eXperience Download
3.8 on 82 votes

MegaTrainer eXperience is a pack with trainers and cheats. If you want to cheat a game that was released in 2007-2013 ...

CheMax Download
4.4 on 202 votes

CheMax is one of the best offline cheat-base for PC games. The base is based on ChEaTs software and it is fully rewritten and updated.

PEC Psx Emulator Cheater Download
4.4 on 45 votes

PEC Psx Emulator Cheater allows you to enter normal Gameshark codes which are normally used by your PSX, with bleem.

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sXe Injected Download
3.9 on 580 votes

sXe Injected is an Anti-Cheat system client/server. This program was designed to operate with motor of Half Life Servers (Counter Strike 1.

... an Anti-Cheat system client ... prevent any cheat program be ...

Pcsx2 Download
3.9 on 303 votes

PCSX2 is a Playstation 2 'emulator', a free program that tries to replicate the Playstation 2 console to enable you to play PS2 games on your PC.

... on your PC. Main features ... game - Easy cheating using our ...

Bruteforce Save Data Download
3.7 on 156 votes

Bruteforce Save Data is free database that contains the latest cheats for PS3 games.

... the latest cheats for PS3 ... selection of cheats and check ...

ePSXe & PeC Download
5 on 2 votes

Support for all PSX Emu's with PSEmu Pro Plugin support. Like ePSXe, PSEmu Pro, AdriPSX, PSinex, PCSX, FPSE.

... Game Station. A cheat database, with ... . Build-in cheat hacking unit ...

Cheatbook Download
4.1 on 187 votes

CheatBook is cheat-code tracker with cheats and hints for several popular PC action and adventure games.

CheatBook is cheat-code ... several popular PC action and ... the relevant cheat is displayed ...

Pcsx2 Cheat converter Download
3.5 on 34 votes

Pcsx2 Cheat converter is designed to change raw codes into pscx2 patch format and modify and save new pnach files.

Pcsx2 Cheat converter is ...

Cheatbook Database 2010 Download
4.4 on 16 votes

CheatBook-DataBase 2010 is a freeware cheats code tracker that makes hints, Tricks ...

... a freeware cheats code tracker ... and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs ... freeware cheat database ...

GameBoost Download
4.2 on 40 votes

GameBoost sets the standard for PC gaming and internet optimization software.

... standard for PC gaming and ... the latest PC games requiring ... our software cheating software and ...

Action Replay Code Manager Download
3.9 on 112 votes

Action Replay DS is a powerful cheat code system for Nintendo DS.

... is a powerful cheat code system ... connect your PC to your ...

Game Booster 2 Download
3.8 on 48 votes

Designed to help optimize your PC for smoother, more responsive game play in the latest PC games with the touch of ...

... optimize your PC for smoother ... the latest PC games with ... with PunkBuster, Cheating-Death, VAC ...