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ChessBase Download
4.2 on 146 votes

ChessBase 13 is a personal, stand-alone chess database. Main features:

PlayChess Download
4.1 on 60 votes

PlayChess is a free-to-use chess server for Windows OS. You will find 20,000 chess lovers every day, from all over the world.

Chess Mentor® Download
3.5 on 11 votes

While other chess programs give you problems and answers, Chess Mentor allows you to understand the tactical ...

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ChessBase Reader Download
4.1 on 114 votes

ChessBase Reader lets you open all standard chess game file formats such as CBH, CBF, CBZ, CTG, and PGN, and play through the games on its chess board.

ChessBase Reader lets ... also watch ChessBase training videos ...

Pocket Fritz Download
5 on 1 vote

Pocket Fritz 4 offers access to Chessbase‘s high speed online database.

... access to Chessbase‘s high speed ...

Deep Fritz DL Download
3.8 on 185 votes

Now Deep Fritz 12 is available for direct download, which means you can get the program very quickly ...

... for direct download, which ... to keep download times reasonable ... . You download Fritz 12 ...

Chess Openings Wizard Professional Download
3 on 3 votes

Chess Openings Wizard has a one-click feature that will move your latest games to your favorite game database (Chess ...

... Wizard, MasterChess, ChessBase, Fritz, Chess ...

Rybka Download
4.6 on 21 votes

For years Rybka has been the uncontested number one in computer chess and since its great breakthrough in 2006 ...

Fritz11 Download
3.9 on 35 votes

Fritz makes it easy for you to play against other human beings, at any time, day or night.

DGT RabbitPlugin Download
1.5 on 2 votes

DGT RabbitPlugin is a free program designed for the DGT Board that implements the main functionality of connecting ...

... RabbitPlugin is a free program designed ...