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Data Transfer Accelerator is a Windows-compatible tool to accelerate reading or writing data to/ from the External Hard Drive.

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Slow Internet connection speeds can be frustrating, and the hardware upgrades necessary to speed your system up can get very expensive.

... , Accelerate optimizes Windows settings for data transfer over ...

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Starcomms iBOOST internet accelerator is designed to enhance your network connection by accelerating data transfer.

... accelerating data transfer. It provides efficient data transfer ... side data acceleration and ...


ComTL is an ActiveX component designed to facilitate secure integration and data transfer between Windows-based systems, including custom-made ERP and CRM.

... and data transfer between Windows-based ... . This accelerates data transfer between systems ...

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WinConverter is a rather straightforward application which is designed to provide as simple interface as possible for performing conversion.

... Acceleration - Linear, Area, Data Storage, Data Transfer ... , Velocity, Acceleration - Angular ...

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X-Shrink 1.5 compresses Excel documents up to 95%, while keeping full functionality and file format of the Excel spreadsheets.

... after 'shrinking,' accelerates data transfers and ... saves data storage and ...

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Master Converter is a powerful Windows utility designed to fill one specific purpose: quickly and easily convert units of measurement.

... powerful Windows utility ... speed, acceleration, mass, ... flow, data storage, data transfer, ...

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Free Unit Converter is a quick and effective way to make easy unit conversions between 5000 various units of measure in 21 categories.

... Temperature, Speed, Acceleration, Time, Pressure ... Computer Storage, Data Transfer and many ...


*Want to surf safely on the internet, be immune to all kinds of threatens, such as malwave or potential denial of service attacks?

... acceleration technology to make all data transfer ...

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Top internet accelerator (according to PC Magazine), a network settings optimizer to speed up your existing Dial-Up ...

Top internet accelerator (according ... Internet Accelerator is a powerful Windows application ...

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BurstCopy is a hard-drive accelerator that significantly increases file transfer speed.

... accelerator that significantly increases file transfer ... -standard transfer windows.Besides ...