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MinGW Download
4.4 on 26 votes

MinGW, a contraction of "Minimalist GNU for Windows", is a port of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) ...

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Dev-C++ Download
4 on 553 votes

This application uses the MinGW port of GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) as its compiler.

... uses the MinGW port of ...

Quincy 2005 Download
3.5 on 149 votes

Quincy is a handy freeware open-source tool. It is a simple programming environment for C/C++ on Windows.

... C/C++ on Windows. It contains ... tool for Windows GUI programs ... use the MinGW C/C++ compiler, ...

Bloodshed Dev-C++ Download
2.9 on 13 votes

Bloodshed Dev-C is a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C/C programming language.

... . It uses Mingw port of ...

Xming Download
3.8 on 20 votes

Xming is the leading X Window Server for Microsoft XP/Vista/Windows7.

... leading X Window Server ... native Microsoft Windows®, easily ... Windows (32-bit x86), using MinGW ...

Speex Voice Audio Download

Speex for Windows are some utilities to work with great Speex codec on Windows.

Speex for Windows are some ... codec on Windows. Currently you ... created using MinGW tools.

Quincy 99 Download
4.3 on 6 votes

Quincy 99 is a Windows 9x and NT hosted Integrated Development Environment (IDE) front end for C/C++ compilers.

... 99 is a Windows 9x and ...

WinCoot Download
4.5 on 6 votes

WinCoot is a build of Coot (using MinGW and GTK) which runs native under Windows (without cygwin emulation).

... (using MinGW and GTK ... native under Windows (without cygwin ... multi-user Windows computer the ...

Embarcadero Dev C++ Download
5 on 88 votes

A fast, portable, simple, and free IDE for C/C++ programming on Windows.

... on Windows. It uses Mingw port ... Quickly create Windows, console, static ...

TinyCOBOL Download
2 on 2 votes

TinyCOBOL is a COBOL compiler being developed by members of the free software community.

... : - FreeBSD. - Linux. - MinGW on Windows.

GNU Pascal Download
5 on 2 votes

The GNU Pascal Compiler (GPC) is, as the name says, the Pascal compiler of the GNU family .

... EMX, - MS-Windows 9x/NT ... CygWin or mingw or MSYS ...