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MinGW, a contraction of "Minimalist GNU for Windows", is a port of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) ...


MarshallSoft C++ and .NET client/server component library for TCP/IP and UDP/IP winsock sockets communication across ...

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TDM-GCC is a free software compiler suite for Windows.It can create 32-bit OR 64-bit binaries, for any version of Windows since Windows 95.

... for Windows.It can create 32-bit ... OR 64-bit ... open-source MinGW or MinGW-w64 ...

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The GNU Pascal Compiler (GPC) is, as the name says, the Pascal compiler of the GNU family .

... , - DOS with 32 bits, using DJGPP ... EMX, - MS-Windows 9x/NT ... CygWin or mingw or MSYS ...

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Xming is the leading X Window Server for Microsoft XP/Vista/Windows7.

... X Window Server for Microsoft XP/Vista ... Microsoft Windows (32-bit x86), using MinGW, mainly ...

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MarshallSoft FTP component library for C/C++ and for (.NET) C++/C# (FCE4C) provides direct control of the FTP protocol ...

... 32-bit or 64-bit Windows ... and MinGW GCC ... Windows C/C++ compiler. Supports Windows 2003-2012/XP ...

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This application uses the MinGW port of GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) as its compiler.

... uses the MinGW port of ...

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A fast, portable, simple, and free IDE for C/C++ programming on Windows.

... on Windows. It uses Mingw ... TDM-GCC 9.2.0 32/64bit Support ... Quickly create Windows, console, ...

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The MarshallSoft Client Mailer for C/C++ (MCM4C) is email marketing software used to send personalized email ...

... up to 32 connections or ... , Watcom v11, MinGW, and LCC ... calling the Windows API. - License ...


Visual-MinGW is an Open Source project. The aim of this project is to provide an Integrated Development Environment for MinGW compiler.

... MinGW compiler. (Minimalist GNU for Windows ... with MinGW compiler, ... using only Windows APIs, ...

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This SDK uses a modified version of libstdc with MingW gcc 3.

... libstdc with MingW gcc 3.4.5. Make ... ::Blocks and MingW C Toolbox(external ...


MinGW / MSYS includes the core components plus a set of libraries.

MinGW / MSYS includes ... work under Windows environment. It ... performance on Windows.