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KWIC Concordance Download
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The KWIC Concordance is a corpus analytical tool for making word frequency lists, concordances and collocation tables by using electronic files.

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kfNgram Download

kfNgram is a free stand-alone Windows program for linguistic research which generates lists of n-grams in text and HTML files.

KwikLaunch Download
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You can start programs or open files with it. It is basically the same as the Quick Launch Bar you usually find next to the Start button of Windows.

KwicKwic Download

KwicKwic was designed as a simple but powerful search tool for Linguists, but it can be used in many other fields as well.

WordMetry Download

WordMetry is a powerful tool for analysis of word statistics, stylometrics, author identification, corpus linguistics, opinion poll, media focus, and prediction.

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