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MATLAB Compiler Runtime Download
3.8 on 145 votes

The MATLAB Runtime is a standalone set of shared libraries that enables the execution of compiled MATLAB applications ...

MATLAB Student Download
3.5 on 230 votes

MATLAB is the language of technical computing at leading engineering and science companies and the standard software at more than 5000 universities worldwide.

Scilab Download
4.2 on 24 votes

Scilab is a mathematical computing program similar to MATLAB.

MCLite Download

MCLite is an adaptive finite element MATLAB package for general second-order nonlinear elliptic equations in the plane.

MATLAB R2015a (32-bit) Download
3.6 on 315 votes

MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a simulation package for engineering applications.

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MatLab CAPE-OPEN Thermo Import Download
3.0 on 7 votes

This Matlab package allows for importing CAPE-OPEN version 1.

...CAPE-OPEN version 1.1 have Matlab (version 5.3 or ...CAPE-OPEN version 1.1 compliant...

Matlab OPeNDAP loaddap Download
3.6 on 8 votes

The Matlab Structs Tool (aka 'loaddap') provides a way to read any DAP-accessible data into Matlab. into Matlab. This creating Matlab Structure ...appropriate. This version should be...

Bertec Acquire Download

Bertec Digital Acquire™ is designed to collect data from multiple force measuring devices and save it to either a text file or Matlab v4 compatible file.

...file or Matlab v4 compatible ...Any version of Matlab from version 4 and the Matlab file.

Working Model 2D Homework Edition Download
3.3 on 51 votes

Working Model 2D is a motion simulation product with powerful anaytical tools.

...- Test multiple versions of your ...links to MATLAB and Excel...

medini unite Download

medini unite - the tool for differences analysis and for consistent automated merge of Simulink and Stateflow models.

...models. In MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow ...within different versioning systems, supports...

The Macroeconomic Database Download

The Macroeconomic Model Data Base is an archive of macroeconomic models based on a common computational platform ... MATLAB, you need a version of ...utilizes DYNARE version 4.2

MATLAB Production Server Download
4.2 on 6 votes

MATLAB Production Server lets you run MATLAB programs within your production systems, enabling you to incorporate custom analytics in enterprise applications.

...applications request MATLAB analytics ...running on MATLAB Production ...the latest version of...

Flow-R Download

Flow-R (Flow path assessment of gravitational hazards at a Regional scale) is a distributed empirical model ...

...Flow-R is Matlab-based, but ...on the download page. Any ...of previous versions is strongly...

FreeMat Download
3.8 on 12 votes

FreeMat is an environment for rapid engineering and scientific processing.

...such as MATLAB from Mathworks ...The present version includes a number...

Neoxen Qwined Download
1.0 on 1 vote

Neoxen Qwined is a fully-featured Embedded Technical Editor supporting syntax highlighting for nearly hundred ...

...create enhanced versions of ...Lua, Make, MatLab, nnCron crontab...