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Michas Jingle-Player provides 30 buttons where sounds can be assigned to play them back instantly by a mouse click or by pressing a key on your keyboard.

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Karaoke 5 is an excellent text synchronizer used to create Midi, MP3 ,K5 and MP4 files and an excellent management tool ...

... messages, applause, jingles), and a whole ...

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Play the piano with either your mouse or your computers keyboard.

... to play jingle bells on ... letters for jingle bells - jjj ...

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Jingle Palette application was designed to be an instant jingle player for radio broadcast studios.

... instant jingle player for ... studios. Jingle Palette plays ... system. Jingle Palette ...

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What is Jingle Keyboard ( aka Typewriter Sound Player) ? Chris Pirillo ( Lockergnome's Content Wizard ) says:

... ! Jingle Keyboard ( Typewriter Sound Player) allows ...

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Ages and ages ago many of us used to write with crashing mechanical typewriter.

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miXimum is the DJ's Instrument and DJ's best friend. miXimum plays and mixes wav, mp*, ogg and mod audio files.

... . - 2 LP-Vinyl players with scratching ... . - 1 fader slider. - 7 jingles customizable and ...


The program includes Text-To-Speech support (Microsoft SAPI4), that will allow you to program spoken comments ...

... mix songs, jingles, ads, id ...

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The clocks are a tool that will set up the random selection of songs and jingles that will be streamed on your radio.

... songs and jingles that will ...

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StationPlaylist Creator is used to design your music station format using rotations of music categories and spot groups such as jingles, ads, etc.

... such as jingles, ads, etc ...


Backtime Wizard has been designed exclusively for use by radio industry professionals and offers a simple and effective way of calculating timing junctions.

... a song or jingle in order ...