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Michas Jingle-Player Download
4.4 on 30 votes

Michas Jingle-Player provides 30 buttons where sounds can be assigned to play them back instantly by a mouse click or by pressing a key on your keyboard.

Snap! Jingle Player Download
4.3 on 10 votes

Snap! Jingle Player is an audio management software especially designed for playing jingles and music at different events, mainly focused on sporting events.

Radio Server Player Download
2.5 on 2 votes

Radio Server Player is the perfect audio playout tool for internet radio stations ...

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Jingle Palette Download
3.9 on 49 votes

Jingle Palette application was designed to be an instant jingle player for radio broadcast studios.

...instant jingle player for ...studios. Jingle Palette plays ...system. Jingle Palette...

Hot Jingle Player Download
3.9 on 13 votes

Hot Jingle Player is an ideal tool for DJs or radio stations to play various sounds.

Hot Jingle Player is an...

Jingle Keyboard Download
3.1 on 17 votes

What is Jingle Keyboard ( aka Typewriter Sound Player) ? Chris Pirillo ( Lockergnome's Content Wizard ) says:

...! Jingle Keyboard ( Typewriter Sound Player) allows...

CombiWave Download
5.0 on 3 votes

CombiWave is an easy to use Digital Cart Machine and Jingle Player.

...Machine and Jingle Player. The program...

RADIO Player Pro Download
4.0 on 2 votes

Multifunctional audio files player. Allows to make playlists programmed to start on time.

...audio files player. Allows to ...audio signal, jingles, playlists, microphone...

QUAKE 2007 Download
3.4 on 5 votes

Quake Virtual DJ is ground breaking in concept (hence the name “Quake”).

...CD players, Record Decks and Jingle...

EventSoundControl Download
5.0 on 2 votes

With Event Sound Control, you have a piece of software that is jingle and music player for events.

...is jingle and music player for...

PlayIt Live Download
3.3 on 78 votes

Live-assist and automated radio playout system. Play WAVs, MP3s, WMAs or MP4s.

...live-assist players mode. Instant ...QuickCarts for jingles and sound...

qwertyGO Download
2.7 on 6 votes

qwertyGO! is useful for all musicians/artists/DJ's on stage, theaters, radio stations ...

...to play jingles/backing-tracks ...channel. Play jingles and loops...

RadioDJ Download
4.4 on 17 votes

RadioDJ is an intelligent music player, which doesn’t need anyone to assist it.

...intelligent music player, which ...song and jingle rotations ...your music, jingles, sweepers...