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Planner 5D Download
3.9 on 334 votes

This app helps you create home design and interior decor in 2D and 3D without any special skills.

Planner Download
4.5 on 2 votes

Planner is a software product that attempts to bridge the gap between planning with simple spreadsheets (no help ...

Planner.NET Download
3 on 1 vote

MindFusion's Planner.NET is a software component that provides your applications with a rich set of calendar and scheduling features.

CAE Studio 5D Planner Download
3.5 on 4 votes

CAE Studio 5D Planner is the comprehensive 3D design and visualization environment with integrated plotting. It provides features such as:

Cabinet Planner Download
2.9 on 7 votes

Cabinet Planner is a low cost alternative for designing and building custom cabinets.

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Datamine Studio 5D Planner Download
3.3 on 4 votes

Studio 5D Planner is a mine design and scheduling product. This powerful system quickly generates mining activities ...

Studio 5D Planner is a mine ...

Vico Office Download
4.1 on 7 votes

The third Vico Office release connects the 3D model geometry to 4D planning and scheduling to 5D cost planning and budgeting.

... scheduling to 5D cost planning ... and budget. 5D BIM is ... Manager, Schedule Planner, 4D Manager ...

RIB iTWO Download
3 on 9 votes

RIB iTWO combines traditional construction planning and trail-blazing 5D planning.

... trail-blazing 5D planning. The ...

Canon RAW Codec Download
3.8 on 25 votes

Canon RAW Codec is a plug-in software that enables the import and display of Canon RAW image files when installed ...

... 500D, EOS 5D Mark II ... -1D, EOS 5D, EOS 40D ...

Function Grapher Download
2 on 1 vote

Function Grapher is a graph maker to create 2D, 2.5D and 3D function graphs, animations and table graphs.

... create 2D, 2.5D and 3D ... Grapher - Creating 2.5D function graphs ...

ZBrush Download
3.7 on 53 votes

ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting program for the design of 3D images.

... images, and 2.5D Pixols in ...

Grav2dc Download
3 on 8 votes

Grav2dc is a program that performs calculations of gravitational anomaly over one or more 2D and 2.

... 2D and 2.5D bodies. Because ... than the 2.5D algorithm, both ...

CamBam Download
3.4 on 17 votes

CamBam is a CAD / CAM application designed to take common CAD files such as DXF and 3DS ...

... features include: - 2.5D profiling and ...

GPU Decoder Vegas Download
5 on 1 vote

GPU Decoder plugin for Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere enable realtime GPU decoding and editing of h.

... Canon EOS 5D Mark II ... Canon EOS 5D Mark II ...

Wintermute Engine Development Kit Download
5 on 3 votes

Wintermute Engine Development Kit is a set of tools for creating and running graphical “point&click” adventure games, both traditional 2D ones and modern 2.

... and modern 2.5D games (3D ...