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RehanFX Shader Transitions and Effects (ShaderTFX) Download
4 on 5 votes

ShaderTFX is a custom plug-in for Windows Movie Maker v6 (Vista).

Windows Phone app for desktop Download
3.8 on 130 votes

Install or upgrade to the new and improved Windows Phone app for desktop to sync music, photos, videos and more with your PC.

MWSnap Download
4.6 on 141 votes

MWSnap is a small yet powerful Windows program for snapping (capturing) images from selected parts of the screen.

Romantic Dares Download

Romantic Dares is an exciting and unpredictable fast moving game of touching, massage, intimacy and unpredictable passion.

Airpursuit Download
1.5 on 4 votes

Pilot your aircraft to fly over mountains and rush through deep canyons at high speeds,catch up the first to win in this air-racing game.

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PipPlus Download
3.3 on 3 votes

PIP PLUS is a custom plugin for Movie Maker. It allows making advanced level of custom effects and transitions via xml ...

MultiScreen Effects for Vista Movie Maker Download
5 on 1 vote

This allows to make a tiled effect of screen in arbitrary number of columns and rows.

Rehan Pan Zoom Download

Rehan Pan Zoom Effects is a custom effects package for Movie Maker 2.