Scientific workplace 5.5

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Scientific WorkPlace Download
3.8 on 178 votes

Scientific WorkPlace makes writing, sharing and typesetting mathematical and scientific text easier.

Scientific WorkPlace Student Edition Download
4.2 on 15 votes

Scientific WorkPlace: the integration of LaTeX Typesetting and Computer Algebra.

Scientific Viewer Download
4.0 on 3 votes

Use Scientific Viewer software to view and print your read-only .

RStudio Download
3.3 on 28 votes

RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R.

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TeX Converter Download
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TEX Converter is a Windows front-end to a number of programs that convert TEX or LATEX files to another format: Scientific Notebook, Scientific Word and Scientific Workplace...

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This application protects confidential data and programs by accurately verifying and authenticating PC users.

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