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TextAloud reads text from email, web pages, reports and more, aloud on your PC.

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Lehka Hindi Voice is a high quality SAPI5 voice that supports speed but not pitch adjustment.

... part of TextAloud, so you ... already have TextAloud or another ... must purchase TextAloud at this ...

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NextUp-ScanSoft Tom US English Voice is a voice addon for the TextAloud text to speach software.Nuance/ScanSoft RealSpeak SAPI5 Voices for TextAloud.

... for the TextAloud text to ... Voices for TextAloud. With the ...


This is the Jill US English Voice audio file for TextAloud.

... for TextAloud. Available ... by TextAloud's Advanced ... TextAloud, so you must have TextAloud ...

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NextUp-Acapela Salma22 Arabic Voice is a high quality voice that sounds great and works under Acapela Version 8 High Quality Text To Speech Voices.

... use with TextAloud and other ...

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TextAloud is Text to Speech software for the Windows PC that converts your text from MS Word Documents ...

TextAloud is Text ... audio devices. TextAloud even has ...

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Rachel is a high quality natural voice that speaks British English language.

... such as TextAloud. This voice ...

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The AT&T Natural Voices TTS engine allows you to define custom dictionaries that change the default

... such as TextAloud. The AT ...

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NextUp-ScanSoft Javier Mexican Spanish Voice is a voice addon for the TextAloud text to speech software.

... for the TextAloud text to ... versions for download, but can ...

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NextUp Talker is a Text To Speech application specifically designed for people who have temporarily or permanently lost their voice.

... copy of TextAloud and works ... only within TextAloud and other ... to understand.TextAloud whit the ...

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NextUp-ScanSoft Kyoko Japanese Voice works only if you have installed on your computer the TextAloud software.

... computer the TextAloud software. It ...