Vocal remover for windows 7 32bit

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Vocal Remover Pro Download
3.2 on 73 votes

Vocal Remover Pro is a software used to eliminiate vocals from music, Vocal Remover Pro is capable of removing ...

Vocal Remover Download
3.8 on 53 votes

Vocal Remover emulates a Karaoke DSP effect for audio files. In order to use the DirectX Vocal Remover ...

3.4 on 171 votes

KARINO VOCAL REMOVER is a software that allows you to reduce or remove vocals in Real Time.

Magic Vocal Remover Download
3.5 on 56 votes

Start with a song you've downloaded from the Internet, music services, or extract a song from any music CD.

YoGen Vocal Remover Download
3.5 on 68 votes

YoGen Vocal Remover is a standalone program that removes vocals from WAV or MP3 files under Windows, and allows you to save vocal removed files to disk.

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iCoolPlayer Download
2.3 on 4 votes

iCoolPlayer is freeware media player. iCoolPlayer is powerful when working with Sound.

... -> 96000Hz, 8bit-> 32bit float (doesn ... + Easy to remove vocal in karaok ...

Vocal Reducer Download
3.9 on 24 votes

Removing vocals from an audio track has long been the desire of musicians and remixers in order to obtain ...

Removing vocals from an ... a complete mix. Vocal Reducer is ... you to remove vocals from any ...

VocALign Project Download
3.1 on 9 votes

VocALign Project is an editing tool which will automatically synchronise two audio signals at the touch of a button.

Vocal Remover - VST Plugin Download
3.3 on 23 votes

Vocal Remover - VST Plugin is an open source plugin that removes vocal form songs using M/S system trick with EQ on mid signal.

Vocal Remover - VST Plugin ... plugin that removes vocal form songs ...

KobaSpeech 2 With Vocalizer Damayanti - Indonesian Download
3.3 on 26 votes

KobaSpeech 2 combines all your favourite speech synthesizers from Nuance VOCALIZER!

... from Nuance VOCALIZER! KobaSpeech 2 ... from Nuance VOCALIZER. The High ... for Microsoft Windows.

CU Vocal Toolbar Download

This is an add-on component to the web browser, which allows users to listen to the reading of the Chinese text by CU VOCAL.

... by CU VOCAL. Feature: - Highlight ... by CU VOCAL - Read ... to CU VOCAL website - Allow ...

Reason Download
3.9 on 234 votes

Reason is a professional music making software for creating and mixing your music.

... . - Perfect your vocal takes with ...

VocALign Project Pro Tools Download
3.5 on 4 votes

VocALign Project Pro Tools is a very useful tool, specially created for the VocALign software.

Noveltech Vocal Enhancer Download
3.7 on 14 votes

Noveltech Vocal Enhancer is a plugin that gives your vocal recordings clarity and crispness without unwanted side effects.

Noveltech Vocal Enhancer is a ... gives your vocal recordings clarity ...

VOCALOID Deactivation Tool Download
5 on 3 votes

VOCALOID Deactivation Tool is the supporting application to help VOCALOID users deactivating VOCALOID Editor ...