Financial management without software has become obsolete, it is just not effective. The contents of this category were specifically designed for those, who deal with money flows on daily basis; be it doing taxes, accounting, transferring money or something else.

Macron Software

4.8 on 68 votes

Softurion SAS

AltaApps Inc.

Márcio C. Almeida


4.7 on 54 votes


2.7 on 47 votes

Vimukti Technologies Pvt Ltd

TransparenTech LLC

5 on 39 votes


Stock WatchTower

Ben Blake

3 on 9 votes


Kiwi Objects

Linn Software, Inc

4.3 on 72 votes


Anthony Prince

DeLullo Software, LLC.

Plouton Capital

Solbits Software Inc.

3.8 on 61 votes

Drowned Coast

3.8 on 83 votes

Canara Bank

5 on 88 votes

WM Transfer Ltd.

Danno Ferrin

iwascoding GmBh

2.7 on 12 votes