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This category includes software for very specific or rare purposes. Here you will find a vast variety of great applications that can help you easily accomplish various challenging tasks. The applications on the list range from tools that will help you create a professional CV to production management tools.


4.3 on 78 votes


3.7 on 47 votes

Nuance Communications


4.1 on 98 votes


Phelipe Gerin

TaxSmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Australian Taxation Office


Peter Nikolow

2.6 on 57 votes

Neutrino Foundation

By Camiloo Limited

Fabien Foulon

WOW Vision Pte Ltd

Twoodo Ltd.

4.2 on 5 votes

Livid Instruments

Rijdat Software

3.4 on 68 votes

KnowledgeMiner Software

5 on 38 votes

By HotSale App

Raj Kumar Shaw

4.4 on 100 votes