Screen Capture

You will find a screen capturing tool especially useful when you need to create a video tutorial, record a gameplay video, or capture another activity on your screen. In this category you will find a broad variety of solutions that will help you grab a video as well as an image of your Mac's screen.

EyePower Inc

4 on 5 votes

Yellow Mug Software

4.7 on 3 votes

Randy McMillan



Introversion software

5 on 3 votes


Icecream Apps

4.1 on 16 votes

Kerlmax LLC

4.8 on 51 votes

Netralia Pty Ltd.

SoundSpectrum, Inc.

Gabriel Burca

3.7 on 78 votes


Petr Danecek

Brad Bertram

Code Line Communications

4.7 on 88 votes

Apowersoft Ltd.

4.7 on 32 votes

Blue Mango Learning Systems

3 on 1 vote

Global Delight Technologies

3.5 on 2 votes

GoodLuck technology team

4 on 44 votes


4.3 on 81 votes

Sebastian Razola

Mien Software

Zevrix Solutions


2.7 on 52 votes