Screen Capture

You will find a screen capturing tool especially useful when you need to create a video tutorial, record a gameplay video, or capture another activity on your screen. In this category you will find a broad variety of solutions that will help you grab a video as well as an image of your Mac's screen.

Evernote Corporation

4 on 8 votes

Malcolm Hall

Applian Technologies

2.7 on 67 votes

Hiroshi Hashiguchi

4 on 1 vote


3.7 on 49 votes

Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited

4.7 on 29 votes

Nikita Zubkov


4 on 3 votes

Silver Beech Studios

2.6 on 17 votes

Paul Young

5 on 81 votes

Tian Jianwen



3.3 on 100 votes

Bonhard Computing

4 on 4 votes

Comona Co., Ltd.

Daichi Nakajima


Wulkano AS

5 on 53 votes


Build to Connect, Inc.

Zevrix Solutions

4 on 15 votes

Twisted Ninja Software

Eternal Storms Software

4.6 on 39 votes

shinywhitebox ltd

4 on 62 votes

Ecamm Network, LLC

5 on 84 votes


TechSmith Corporation

3 on 3 votes

Nate Weaver (Wevah)

5 on 1 vote

yaoyuping Inc

GoodLuck technology team

Sheng Apps