Bookkeeping & Cataloging

Not only professional accountants but also everyday consumers might be interested in Bookkeeping&Cataloging since this category presents apps that will help to control a budget, income, and expenses and even learn more about finances.



Dedication Technologies, Inc. and William M. Loving

M. Uli Kusterer

Hooked In Motion

Massimo Moiso


Fulvio Senore

Bitz & Pixelz BV

By Nodhead Software

Raj Kumar Shaw

Leif Heflin

Alloc Software

Anishu, Inc.

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Tkhe Sik Kim

Fennel Software

Synium Software GmbH

DAG co.


Charlie Monroe Software

Tropical Software, Inc.

Binnerup Consult

Radar Computers

Apple Inc.

Dante Palacios