Healthcare & Fitness

Healthcare means not only measuring blood pressure and sugar but also choosing the correct diet and composing a workout and fitness schedule. The apps from this category are developed to ease the health and activity tracking.


5 on 54 votes

Remarkable Edge, Lda.

Modesitt Software

5 on 52 votes

Magican Software Ltd.

5 on 52 votes

Mint Software

4.4 on 43 votes

Daily Workout Apps, LLC

Jon Brown Designs

5 on 15 votes


3.2 on 73 votes


3.9 on 62 votes

Blue Crowbar

Michel Fortin

4 on 52 votes

Sascha Simon

Byoni Ltd

4 on 12 votes

Clayton Leitch

Geriatric Practice Management, LLC

ToThePoint Software

LifeSpan Fitness


Education Terra

Bluewater Publishing LLC

Giorgio Calderolla

3.5 on 34 votes, LLC

Shepherd Co., Ltd

George Sargunaraj C

Toxic Celery Software


Expert Prof Apps Limited