Healthcare & Fitness

Healthcare means not only measuring blood pressure and sugar but also choosing the correct diet and composing a workout and fitness schedule. The apps from this category are developed to ease the health and activity tracking.

Remarkable Edge, Lda.

3.9 on 70 votes


4.8 on 59 votes

LifeSpan Fitness


Education Terra

Saagara LLC

4 on 25 votes

Bluewater Publishing LLC

Giorgio Calderolla

3.5 on 34 votes

Toxic Celery Software

5 on 60 votes


5 on 54 votes

George Sargunaraj C


Expert Prof Apps Limited

Clear Sky Apps

D Ryan Lucas

Seagull Systems Ltd

3.9 on 74 votes

Modesitt Software

5 on 52 votes

TapMedia Publishing

Optimism Apps

3.8 on 92 votes

TrainingPeaks, LLC


4.2 on 79 votes

Komodo Solutions Limited

TapMedia Publishing

3.7 on 44 votes

Mint Software

4.4 on 43 votes

Magican Software Ltd.

5 on 52 votes


Daily Workout Apps, LLC

3.8 on 81 votes