Clipboard Tools

Clipboard is a temporary storage your operating system manages so that you could copy and paste things from and to different windows and applications. If the default clipboard is not flexible enough for your purposes, you can find an alternative clipboard application in this category.

4.1 on 15 votes

John L. Chmielewski


3.4 on 19 votes


Ondesoft Computing Inc.

4 on 1 vote

Alex Rodionov

4 on 21 votes

Touch Studios, LLC

4.8 on 94 votes


By Limit Point Software

Basset Software

3 on 51 votes

AppYogi Software

Executive Computing

5 on 81 votes

Alberto Rinaldi

Bruno Blondeau

Wonderbit S.L.U.

5 on 18 votes

By Limit Point Software

The Escapers Ltd

3.3 on 87 votes

Christian Galler


Tamás Gál.

4.3 on 80 votes

Kuchbi Inc


Shaojun Lin


Kudang Technologies

Raul Ignacio Verano

5 on 1 vote

Immunis Development