In case you need a reminder not to miss an important meeting or a timer with a countdown for example, look into this category. These apps will help you track the time or save it by automating some process (see "timekeeping" apps).

Pecora GmbH

Rocky Sand Studio

4 on 1 vote

Abhishek Banthia

3.9 on 70 votes

University of California at Berkeley

3 on 53 votes

CoreBits Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

4 on 26 votes


4.6 on 39 votes

haha Interactive

5 on 9 votes

Raj Kumar Shaw

5 on 1 vote


DT Videolabs

Fanurio Time Tracking SRL

5 on 15 votes

Reuss New Media

4.3 on 84 votes

Manderim GmbH

PointWorks Software Development

4.7 on 66 votes

Tomoyuki Okawa


4.7 on 12 votes

Radosław Pietruszewski

5 on 15 votes

Plum Amazing, LLC.

4.3 on 79 votes

Vojto Rinik

Many Tricks

4.3 on 81 votes

Cocoa Sublime

Petur Ingi Egilsson

4.7 on 14 votes

Northern Softworks

5 on 24 votes


Collate LLC.

Red Sweater Software

Denys Yevenko

4.2 on 59 votes

Marian Raafat

John Narun

3.8 on 58 votes