In case you need a reminder not to miss an important meeting or a timer with a countdown for example, look into this category. These apps will help you track the time or save it by automating some process (see "timekeeping" apps).

Memention AB

Koingo Software, Inc.

4 on 1 vote

Jeffrey Morgan


On-Core Software LLC

3.3 on 37 votes

Raj Kumar Shaw

5 on 71 votes

Socially Conscious

Rosanne Cashriel

Guillaume Campagna

Philipe Fatio

Daniel E. Seitz Jr

TeamViewer GmbH

Fabio Morgana


3.8 on 68 votes

Traxx Software LLC

Textco BioSoftware, Inc

Bare Reef LLC

Marian Raafat

Rocky Sand Studio



3.5 on 25 votes


Objectpark Software

Modesitt Software

4.2 on 48 votes

Pixture Studio

Artisan Codeworks

4.2 on 88 votes

Anders Rommetvedt Malmo