In case you need a reminder not to miss an important meeting or a timer with a countdown for example, look into this category. These apps will help you track the time or save it by automating some process (see "timekeeping" apps).

Shenyang GoldenPack Technic Development Co., Ltd.


JAMF Software, LLC.


Tiny Astronauts UG

Bob Warwick

5 on 2 votes


Planiro LLC

Eric Tremblay


Hans-Christian Sperker

Many Tricks

4.3 on 81 votes

Northern Softworks

5 on 24 votes

Petur Ingi Egilsson

4.7 on 14 votes

Neil Gerstenberg

Cocoa Sublime

Collate LLC.

Red Sweater Software

Taptile Apps UG

Luca Casula

4.3 on 100 votes

By Holger Frohloff

Mcgraphix, Inc.


3.2 on 28 votes

Denys Yevenko

4.2 on 59 votes

Marian Raafat

John Narun

3.8 on 58 votes

Michaël Fortin

4.6 on 56 votes

Kazuhiro Kawana

Harpo Productions, Inc.