In case you need a reminder not to miss an important meeting or a timer with a countdown for example, look into this category. These apps will help you track the time or save it by automating some process (see "timekeeping" apps).

Niko Kramer

4.1 on 57 votes


2.8 on 88 votes

Hanley Solid Solutions

Rokas Ambrazevicius

PointWorks Software Development

4.7 on 66 votes

Neil Gerstenberg

Shenyang GoldenPack Technic Development Co., Ltd.

JAMF Software, LLC.

Hans-Christian Sperker

1 on 1 vote


Tiny Astronauts UG

Bob Warwick

5 on 2 votes


Eric Tremblay


Tomoyuki Okawa

Marian Raafat

3.9 on 77 votes

Radosław Pietruszewski

5 on 15 votes

Many Tricks

4.3 on 81 votes

Plum Amazing, LLC.

4.3 on 79 votes

Taptile Apps UG

Luca Casula

4.3 on 100 votes

Red Sweater Software

5 on 6 votes

Mcgraphix, Inc.

By Holger Frohloff


3.2 on 28 votes

Kazuhiro Kawana

Harpo Productions, Inc.