Cloud Services

Nowadays online file hosting is usual. Here you will learn more about information storage and download some apps that will help you deal with storing, synchronizing, and sharing multi-sized files.

Cryptomator team

4.1 on 9 votes

Entangled Media Corp.

3.6 on 23 votes

Kposo Limited

TU Berlin

RushFiles A/S

Planet Spogg AB

4.6 on 54 votes

Yunio Inc.


MW Products

By Dulayne, Inc

4 on 1 vote

Works Mobile Corp

Safenet Inc.

5 on 21 votes

Chili Security

TeamDrive Systems GmbH

4.1 on 79 votes

Fabasoft Cloud GmbH.

Insynchq Pte. Ltd.

4.4 on 42 votes


ESTmob Inc

5 on 28 votes

PROMISE Technology, Inc.

New Edge Labs, Inc.

5 on 44 votes

Citrix Systems, Inc.

Lima Technology Inc.


3.7 on 60 votes


Symantec Corporation

2.8 on 89 votes

KeepSafe Software, Inc.


4.5 on 11 votes

The Syncthing Project

4.1 on 84 votes