Office Tools

It's very hard to keep everything in your head at work when there is a pile of documents day after day. This category was designed to collect several apps that will become responsible for an ocean of information instead of you.


3.2 on 95 votes

Mark Noble

Grammarly Inc

2.1 on 9 votes

Diigo Inc.


Black Mana Studios

2.3 on 90 votes

PDF Reader Pro Edition

SlickEdit Inc.

Christoph Pfisterer

5 on 28 votes

Icecream Apps

3.9 on 77 votes

Bluezbox Software

Dale Gillard

3 on 1 vote

Bartas Technologies

Nine Muses AB

5 on 36 votes


5 on 55 votes

Enolsoft Co., Ltd.

Canyua Software

3xA Security AB

Computer Systems Odessa Corporation

5 on 6 votes Education Project

4 on 13 votes

Bitten Apps

5 on 10 votes

Graphic Node

Yrrid Software, Inc.


FirmShell Ltd.

Xelaton Software

4.2 on 55 votes


Iikka Virkkunen

4.1 on 67 votes