Office Tools

It's very hard to keep everything in your head at work when there is a pile of documents day after day. This category was designed to collect several apps that will become responsible for an ocean of information instead of you.

Infinite Loop Apps

Jobssoft Studio

By EasyMac Studio

Software Solutions & Technologies AG

Devcorr Technologies, LLC

Sandy Knoll Software, LLC


Enrico Tröger, Matthew Brush, Colomban Wendling, Frank Lanitz, Nick Treleaven and Dominic Hopf

Alex Spataru

Ramón M. Figueroa-Centeno


Useful Fruit Software

Lighten Software Limited

Bloop Software


Satsumac Software

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Serotek Corporation

Day 1 Software

Mcgraphix, Inc.


Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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Alexander Korotkov

Plow Software, LLC.

Wang MengChang

Dacuda AG

Wondershare Software Co., Ltd

Variisoft Software Co., Ltd