Personal Security

Are you afraid some website or application is collecting information about your identity behind your back? Take a look at applications in this category, all these tools are aimed to provide the user with the freedom to choose what information to share.


Kyle Rohr

4.9 on 60 votes

Amplusnet SRL

4.1 on 95 votes

SaferPass s.r.o.

5 on 27 votes


5 on 61 votes

Manfred Schwind Software

4.9 on 51 votes

Saxer BITcom Systems

3.5 on 45 votes


4 on 7 votes



4.2 on 98 votes

Andrey Shcherbakov

5 on 1 vote

Golden Frog Inc.

5 on 12 votes

Tresorit Kft.

5 on 1 vote

AnchorFree, Inc.

3.7 on 24 votes

Lighten Software Limited

BeWhere Projects Ltd.

Offshore Security EOOD


3.9 on 56 votes

Actmobile Networks

5 on 8 votes

Jonathan Clark


TryBest Studio

Bryan Lunduke

3.1 on 65 votes

Shellfire GbR

4.1 on 72 votes


Paragon Technologie GmbH

Red Sweater Software

Thursby Software Systems, Inc.

Callpod, Inc

3.3 on 41 votes