Personal Security

Are you afraid some website or application is collecting information about your identity behind your back? Take a look at applications in this category, all these tools are aimed to provide the user with the freedom to choose what information to share.

Petroules Corporation

3.1 on 13 votes

TrackView Pty Ltd.

4 on 1 vote

David Kreindler

5 on 82 votes


3.1 on 24 votes

Brian Carrier

2.9 on 26 votes

Acrylic Software

3.8 on 14 votes

All or Nothing Baby

Delta Velorum Kft.

GoldKey Security Corporation

5 on 44 votes


Mr Safe

Ergun Coruh


3.3 on 55 votes


5 on 1 vote

Tension Software

5 on 87 votes


2.3 on 94 votes

Pandora Web Ltd.

Alois Berngardt

London Trust Media, Inc.

4 on 3 votes

Ping Identity Corporation

2.6 on 74 votes

True Blue Apps

Trend Micro Incorporated.

3.5 on 63 votes

Qixingshi Technology CO.,LTD

4.6 on 30 votes

BicDroid Inc.


John Humphries