It is practically impossible to create a completely secure and invulnerable operating system. Keeping your system secure requires little effort on your part: simply find an antivirus or a privacy application that will run in the background making sure there are no harmful activities hiding from you.


SecureMac, Inc.

4 on 4 votes

Covalent Media Systems, LLC

5 on 97 votes, Inc

4.5 on 2 votes

Callpod Inc.

4.5 on 98 votes

Moritz Wette

5 on 73 votes

CodeTek Studios Inc

5 on 1 vote

Runaker Produktkonsult AB

5 on 81 votes

Adrian Borbas



4 on 12 votes

Russell Coleman

Sevenuc Consulting

Sophos Plc

Andreas Schuderer

MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

3.6 on 33 votes


4.2 on 15 votes

Lava Software

2.8 on 9 votes

Alcatel-Lucent Ventures

MacSpark Consulting

John Woodward

Touch Unlock

Warlord Software

Hitek Software, LLC.

2.3 on 7 votes

Technica Graphica Incorporated