It is practically impossible to create a completely secure and invulnerable operating system. Keeping your system secure requires little effort on your part: simply find an antivirus or a privacy application that will run in the background making sure there are no harmful activities hiding from you.

Max Berger

SourceGuardian Limited

Alice Dev Team

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Andrey Shcherbakov

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Kromtech Alliance Corp.

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Dybala Securities

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CoSoSys Ltd.


Vortimac Software LLC

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Mid Atlantic Consulting, Inc.

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Lost Minds

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Lamantine Software

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SplashData, Inc.

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Cyber Intell Solution, LLC


KeePassX Reboot

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SC CyberByte SRL

ESET, spol. s r.o

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Deep IT, Uncle MiF


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Daniel Diener

Knock Software, Inc

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Sophos Plc


AO Kaspersky Lab

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