Dashboard Widgets

If you have a device you want to connect to your Mac to transfer files or use in any other way, you probably are going to need a device assistant. This category lists applications that will help you establish connection between your device and Mac OS X.

Terry Brett

4.3 on 66 votes


Dragon Systems Software Ltd (DssW)


Rick Lansky

Hurricane Studios

Craig Mod

4.8 on 41 votes

Opera widgets

Opera Software

Graham Parks

4.2 on 100 votes



3.7 on 42 votes

Li Xiao

DSG Webdesign

5 on 32 votes

Software de Arte

Kurt Wilms



Opera Software

Vela Design Group

4.3 on 52 votes

Marcin Krzyzanowski

Masayuki Iwai

3.6 on 90 votes


Supermagnus Software

Bitcastle LLC

5 on 97 votes

Rick Lansky

Creational State

Craig Otis

Christopher Rung

5 on 47 votes