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If you have a device you want to connect to your Mac to transfer files or use in any other way, you probably are going to need a device assistant. This category lists applications that will help you establish connection between your device and Mac OS X.

Steve Mummey

3.6 on 78 votes

Jacob Rath

5 on 15 votes

Christian Foltin

4.9 on 80 votes


2.5 on 67 votes


4.3 on 82 votes

ACT Productions

LinkedIn Corporation

Introversion software

4.7 on 58 votes


5 on 50 votes

Bloomberg, LP

2 on 1 vote

Andrey Mirtchovski


Jeff Sauer

Colourful Apps

Opera Software

AxeAsie AxeWeb


Opera Software

TheDashboard - Widget and Gadget Development

Raj Kumar Shaw

2.9 on 93 votes

Fabien Goy

2.7 on 50 votes

Opera widgets

Felix Hageloh

4.7 on 86 votes

Andreas Mayer

4 on 35 votes

Milano City

Musings From Mars

Apple Inc.

3.8 on 25 votes