Dashboard Widgets

If you have a device you want to connect to your Mac to transfer files or use in any other way, you probably are going to need a device assistant. This category lists applications that will help you establish connection between your device and Mac OS X.

Felix Hageloh

4.7 on 86 votes

Bloomberg, LP

2 on 1 vote

Colourful Apps

3.3 on 63 votes

Andrey Mirtchovski


Jeff Sauer

Opera Software

Keegan Jones

4.8 on 62 votes

AxeAsie AxeWeb

Steve Mummey

3.6 on 78 votes

Opera Software

TheDashboard - Widget and Gadget Development

2.9 on 93 votes

Jacob Rath

5 on 15 votes

Ben Kazez

4.8 on 52 votes

Fabien Goy

2.7 on 50 votes

Opera widgets

DSG Webdesign

Milano City

Musings From Mars

Apple Inc.

3.8 on 25 votes


Star Trek Minutiae

5 on 22 votes


2.3 on 97 votes



Jesse Lauro

5 on 1 vote


2.5 on 67 votes