File Managers

A recurring task you have to do from time to time when working with an operating system is manage files. If the default file manager does not provide enough options or you don't consider it comfortable to use, take advantage of this category and find an alternative file manager.

DeMoulin Bros. & Co.

Apple Inc.

5 on 19 votes

Rosanne Cashriel


Su Xiaozhou

Metascape LLC and contributors

3.7 on 45 votes

5 on 67 votes


DEVONtechnologies, LLC

Creative Applications

2.7 on 78 votes


The Synapse Project

Jean-Pierre DÉPREZ

4.3 on 48 votes

Gregory Weston

4.7 on 36 votes

OS X Code (r,s);

Tomoyuki Okawa


4 on 1 vote

Ramón M. Figueroa-Centeno

MRR Software

4 on 6 votes

8 Bit Development

Side Tree Software

Sonora Graphics

5 on 11 votes

MokaCode Software Inc.

4.9 on 29 votes

Joe Cassels


4.8 on 76 votes

Eternal Storms Software

5 on 93 votes

Alexandru Dan Dumitrescu

3.9 on 28 votes