Virtualization applications can help you run different operating systems on a virtual machine, giving you a chance to use and take advantage of operating systems without having to install them on a real computer. Applications listed here will help you create a virtual machine to run different operating systems on.

Jacob Martin

Oliver Pekár

4 on 1 vote


4 on 1 vote

White Wizard Productions

4 on 1 vote

Ronald Burkey





Mozart Consortium 2013

1 Bradford W. Mott, Stephen Anthony and The Stella Team


4.3 on 3 votes

Fabio Leone

ReQuest Serious Play

Parallels IP Holdings GmbH.

4.2 on 30 votes

Phil Jordan

VMware, Inc.

4.5 on 34 votes

Sergio Mcfly

8Bitdo Tech HK Ltd.

Nicholas Weaver

iliotech software services, LLC.

Felix Rieseberg

5 on 36 votes

Gerard Putter

5 on 97 votes

LemonJar Pty Ltd.

NES Software

2.2 on 15 votes

Daniel Stenberg

3.8 on 68 votes

Mike Schumann

Parallels Holdings Ltd.

Daniel Silva Ferreira Bruno