Multiple Desktops

The apps from this list will help you create multiple desktops for your Mac and easily manage your virtual desktop space. With these applications, you will be able to keep your computer well-organized for multitasking.

Irradiated Software

4.9 on 87 votes



3.3 on 51 votes

MOApp Software Manufactory

5 on 18 votes

UltraMixer Digital Audio Solutions

2.9 on 45 votes

Fortunate Bear, LLC

2.9 on 94 votes

Basil Salad Software

3.9 on 49 votes

Benedict Lowndes

3.8 on 92 votes

Adam Webber

Peter MacWhinnie

Toni Milovan

3.9 on 41 votes

Antonio Di Monaco

2.9 on 60 votes


4 on 16 votes



The Omni Group

2.3 on 17 votes

Modesitt Software

3.2 on 85 votes

Bartels Media GmbH

4.3 on 33 votes

Stimpsoft, Inc.