Make use of the apps from this category if you feel the urgent need to enhance your desktop and customize files and folders on your Mac display. Within this category, you will find a considerable number of applications that will provide you with stunning themes, screensavers, wallpapers, icons and cursors.

Basil Salad Software

Hurryforward Ltd

2.8 on 16 votes

Appricot LLC

True North Software

Lazy Appz

3.3 on 97 votes

Infinite Loop Apps


4.5 on 94 votes


4.3 on 53 votes

2.8 on 99 votes

The Iconfactory

Alexey Nikitin & Alexandr Bondar

5 on 20 votes


3.7 on 29 votes

Alfred Danny

4.3 on 33 votes


Sveinbjorn Thordarson

5 on 52 votes

Skyrocket Software


3.4 on 15 votes

Officine Panerai

3.9 on 49 votes

Fixamac Software

Dustin Senos

4 on 99 votes


Robert Bennett

5 on 36 votes

Stephane Sudre