What is the fastest web browser 2019 for Windows?

Web or Internet browsers are software programs designed for accessing information on the Internet. They allow viewing pieces of content on various websites, that are connected with hyperlinks and classified into URLs. We've reviewed the most popular web browsers on the market and compared their functionality to pick up the best one.

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Franklin Consulting Limited


LaoWei Inc.

Propel Software Corporation

1.5 on 2 votes

Valeri Vlassov

3 on 1 vote

Decision Support Services, Inc.

3 on 1 vote

Brandsonic inc.

Aperitto Software Development

1 on 1 vote

Frank Eschenbacher


HazteK Software

thiconZ and Arsenol



cjcs browser

Visual Browser

Resource Data Management Ltd.


Stefan Mattern

Casual Engine

Towey Software, Inc.

MaxSys Softwares,Inc.

Anand Bose