Take screenshots on Windows PC in 2020

Screen capturing programs are used to take images from parts of your screen, videos or a custom website. They're useful when you want to report a bug, share an idea or just for fun. Some of them provide the OCR integration to extract the text from a given image as well. We've checked a list of some screen capture programs, reviewed and compared them and chosen the best screenshot maker.

More screen capture

Ancient Software

MediaWorks 7, LLC




Anders und Seim Neue Medien AG

HANSoft, Inc.

LAJ Design

Francesc Busquets

TopByteLabs Ltd.


Blueberry Software


AndromedaApps Inc

Hi6000 Software

AGORA Software BV

Michal Narwojsz


Herculesoft, Inc

Alex and Alex Soft

3 on 1 vote

Shade Software Solutions LLC

1 on 1 vote

Odin Soft Inc.

3 on 1 vote


1.5 on 2 votes


5 on 1 vote

River Past Corporation

5 on 1 vote

Zamaan's Software

1 on 1 vote

Insight Software Solutions, Inc.

1 on 1 vote