Find the best parental control software 2019 for Windows

Parental control software is designed to provide parents with all necessary tools to protect their kids from various digital dangers and online risks. These services can help you keep the online activity of your child under control, block inappropriate websites, limit screen time, and even track their location. We've reviewed five popular parental control software programs and compared them to find out which is the best one.

Best Tools to Protect Your Folders with a Password

If your need to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data and protect your folders with a password, we have a few solutions for you. The set of tools we offer will help you lock and unlock your files and folders. Some of these utilities are just basic password lockers and some provide a few additional features, such as assigning various passwords for different folders or setting permissions to your files to stop them from being altered or removed.

More security


3.9 on 81 votes


3.7 on 172 votes

Simply Super Software

3.8 on 91 votes

4.1 on 56 votes


4.1 on 52 votes

Symantec Corporation

4 on 67 votes

4.4 on 41 votes

Enigma Software Group, Inc.

3.8 on 75 votes

Windscribe Limited

4.6 on 41 votes


4.8 on 32 votes


3.8 on 108 votes

Reason Company Software Inc.

4.8 on 28 votes

FSPro Labs

4.2 on 60 votes

Biz Secure Labs Pvt. Ltd.

4.4 on 55 votes

TOSHIBA Corporation

4.2 on 47 votes

Axantum Software AB

4.4 on 49 votes

Rixler Software

3.8 on 92 votes

Trend Micro Inc.

4.1 on 65 votes

PC Tools

3.7 on 83 votes


4.9 on 31 votes


3.8 on 89 votes


4 on 78 votes

Hispasec Sistemas

4.8 on 25 votes


5 on 22 votes, Inc.

4.3 on 47 votes

ShieldApps Software Innovations

4.9 on 30 votes

AVG Technologies

4.3 on 32 votes

FSPro Labs

4.4 on 42 votes


4.2 on 45 votes

AnVir Software

4.2 on 43 votes