Best file compression tools of 2019 used on Windows

File archivers are used for file compression, which usually leads to saving storage space while keeping the created backups. Numerous tools are available, but we've taken 5 most popular ones and have analyzed which of them is the best.

More archivers

Aladdin Systems, Inc.

2 on 1 vote

Liquid Mirror Enterprises

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Default Manufacturer

by Bernd Degen


ArkoSoft Technologies

WinMount International Inc.

Philipp Winterberg

eFront Media, Inc.


Synaptek Software

Miniwish Software

NX Software

SkySof Software Inc.

Guillaume Ryder

SAS Institute Inc.

Giorgio Tani

Zenith Technology Limited

Work Media Net


Giorgio Tani

GlobalSCAPE, Inc.

Jerome Guinot

Camtech 2000

Innovative Creations Software