Gadgets Widgets

We usually refer to programs that are relatively small or always run in the background as "gadgets" and "widgets". These might serve a number of purposes, e.g. to provide a quick-launch dock or always keep you informed about the weather.

Igor Bushin

Bushin SOFTWARE, Igor "Igogo" Bushin

3nity Softwares

fr Software

Juan Pablo Ibañez


Jan van den Borst Software Development

Igor "Igogo" Bushin

SoftwareSpot Apps

Opera Software


Kristoffer Nes Langemyhr aka. xenox

ASIP Technology Corporation


Rik Heywood

Knovel Corporation

Fether Technologies, Inc.


SuperEasy Software GmbH & Co. KG

SweetLabs, Inc.

Opera Software

LaCrosse Technology USA

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Luzius Schneider

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Maurice Michalski

Perfectly Cromulent Ltd.

Heejin Lee

Stardock Software, Inc.