How to add videos to iTunes on a Mac

How to add videos to iTunes on a Mac How to add videos to iTunes on a Mac

We all know that the iTunes program comes in handy for a lot of purposes. It's also well-known that it supports not only music and audio files but also movies and videos. Your own videos can be added from your Mac to iTunes, and there is also the possibility to buy videos from the iTunes Store available within the application. 

Before adding videos to iTunes, you have to know that there are only a few video formats supported. iTunes only works with MP4, M4V, and MOV files. For any other file that you want to add, a conversion is necessary beforehand.

Ways to add videos to iTunes on a Mac

Drag-and-drop procedure

This is the simplest way to add videos to iTunes. Open the directory where the video files are stored, then open the iTunes application from the Applications folder or using the search function (Spotlight). After iTunes is opened, select your video files and drag them into the iTunes window. If you add a directory, all the video files in that directory will be added in the iTunes list.

Files > Add to library procedure

You can also add videos using the standard menus provided by iTunes. For example, go to Files > Add to Library, locate the file or the folder, and click on Open. It is exactly same procedure as the one above, only that you're using menus now. After files have been added, you can play them with iTunes.

If you like to work with the keyboard, then simplify the process using Command + O directly. This will open the window to select the file or folder without using the mouse.

Adding videos to iTunes using the iTunes Store

You can add videos to iTunes through the iTunes Store as well. The videos can be music videos, TV Shows, or movies. The Store is a vast library with old and new multimedia releases. Here are the steps to add multimedia content to iTunes.

1. Click on the iTunes Store in the Sources List on the left of the program.


2. Switch to a category and click on the titles or type something related to music videos, TV shows, movies, etc.

Category SelectionCategory Selection

3. If you decide to buy an item, click the little button that displays the price or click the button under the cover to buy all the content.

4. Enter the payment data or log in with your Apple ID and finish the buying procedure.

5. Enjoy the video in the list with purchased videos.


As you can see above, it's very easy to add videos to iTunes on a Mac from a local storage device or from the iTunes Store. Always pay attention to the items in the Store as they are not always free.