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How to Convert AVI to MP4 on Mac OS X for Free Using Miro Video Converter

How to Convert AVI to MP4 on Mac OS X for Free Using Miro Video Converter How to Convert AVI to MP4 on Mac OS X for Free Using Miro Video Converter

Before starting to talk about why converting your AVI files into MP4 videos is a good choice, I probably should tell you a bit about these two media formats. AVI, short for Audio Video Interleaved, is a very popular media format that was developed by Microsoft for Windows-based systems and it is often the type of file that you will receive when downloading videos from the Internet. However, on Mac systems, AVI files are natively supported by only a few applications, such as VLC Media Player (that, honestly, can play almost all media formats) or MPlayer. On the other hand, MP4, another well-known media format, will work just fine on your Mac, as you can play it using iTunes or QuickTime (among other media players) without requiring any plug-ins or codecs.

Therefore, turning your AVI files into MP4 videos is a simple and efficient solution if you want to watch your AVI videos on your Mac using your favorite media player. 

I will show you how easy it is using the freeware Miro Video Converter 3.0 by Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF). I have chosen this application because it is quite popular (among the first results after a Google search), very easy to use and free. In addition, it can also save your time by allowing you to convert multiple files in one go (batch conversion).

Tutorial assets

You will need to download the following software to follow along with this tutorial.

The step-by-step guide for converting AVI files into MP4 videos can be viewed below:

Step 1

Add your AVI files either by dragging-and-dropping them onto the app's interface or by clicking on the "Choose Files" link.

Step 2

Click on the "Format" button and select MP4 as the output video format (as it can be seen in the image below).

Format SelectionFormat Selection

Advanced Steps

Step 2.1

You can, optionally, change the size of the resulting video, it's aspect ratio and even create thumbnails by clicking on the settings button (view image).

Output CustomizationOutput Customization

Step 3

Press the "Convert to MP4" button (the big, green one at the bottom of the interface) to start the conversion process.

 This app comes with a large variety of conversion presets that will allow you to turn your AVI files into videos supported by various Apple devices (including iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV), Android phones, Kindle, PlayStation and more.

Other Conversion FormatsOther Conversion Formats


After the conversion process ends, you will be able to instantly open the output folder (which, unfortunately, you can't change) simply by clicking on the "Show File" link. Other than that, not much more can be said about Miro Video Converter. Simple, intuitive and free to use, this app will convert your entire video collection in no time so that you can play items on your Mac or other devices.

If you are looking for other applications that can help you convert your AVI files into MP4 videos, then check the related software list below.

  • Multiple conversion profiles for various devices (both iOS and Android)
  • Easy to use
  • Batch conversion feature
  • Fast conversion speed
  • Support for a large variety of formats
  • Limited editing options (can only resize the video and change the aspect ratio)

Alternative downloads