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How to convert PPT to AVI with Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter

How to convert PPT to AVI with Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter How to convert PPT to AVI with Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter

As you know, PowerPoint is a great application for creating presentations (with the PPT filename extension) best suited for introducing company products, plans or ideas. PPT files are widely-used for storing both business and personal-themed presentations. But, even though this type of file is rather popular, it is not supported by as many applications as you might think. This can prove to be quite a big problem, especially if you want to present your PPT file on another computer that doesn't have the required program to open this type of file installed. A simple solution to overcome this obstacle is simply turn your PowerPoint presentations into one of the most widely-accepted types of video file, the AVI format.

There are many applications available on the Internet that can help you convert PPT files to AVI videos, but for demonstrating the process I have chosen  Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter Free 1.0 (Freeware) by Xilisoft Corporation. This tool is quite highly ranked for a freeware program and comes with a simple and intuitive interface.

There is also a paid version of this application, the "Pro" version ($49.95), that will bring some extra features such as batch conversion, the possibility to add music files, create HD videos, and more.

Tutorial assets

You will need to download the following software to keep up with this tutorial.

These three easy steps are all you need to complete to convert PPT presentations to AVI videos

Step 1

Select the AVI profile from the drop-down menu (see image).

Select the AVI profileSelect the AVI profile

Step 2

Add the PPT file you want to convert to AVI video (Click on the "Add PPT File" icon or drag and drop the file onto the interface).

Advances steps

Step 2.1

You can customize the output file by providing the desired file name, video size, quality, and frame rate (from the panel located in the right side of the main window).

Step 3

Click on the conversion button to start the process (the button that looks like a recording icon).


a. Can perform a rapid conversion, if you are in a hurry (the button next to the normal conversion). This type of conversion will delete any sound effect and animation found within the PPT file.

Rapid conversionRapid conversion

b. Enable GPU acceleration for a faster conversion speed by accessing the "Preferences" menu from the "Tools" tab on the menu bar.

Enable GPU accelerationEnable GPU acceleration


As you can see, converting PPT files to AVI videos with   Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter Free 1.0 is a very simple and straightforward process. The output file won't contain any watermarks or other unwanted graphical elements and you can instantly open the destination folder from within the application with just a click of a mouse. If you want to try other applications with more advanced features, then take a look at the tools presented in the related software list.

  • Rapid conversion feature
  • Easy to use
  • Support for many output formats
  • Batch conversion only available in the paid version

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