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How to Convert WMA to MP3 on Mac OS X for Free using MediaHuman Audio Converter

How to Convert WMA to MP3 on Mac OS X for Free using MediaHuman Audio Converter How to Convert WMA to MP3 on Mac OS X for Free using MediaHuman Audio Converter

Playing WMA (Windows Media Audio) files on a Mac can prove to be quite a problem for many users, as this format was designed by Microsoft primarily for applications running on the Windows operating system. Even though there are some methods that allow users to play WMA files on their Mac systems (like using VLC media player or installing plug-ins), it would be much easier to turn them into the widely-supported audio format, MP3. By doing this, you won't have to worry that your default media player won't be able to play your music files and you won't have to search the Internet for plug-ins, codecs or other applications.

A great piece of software that will help you convert your WMA audio files into MP3 is the freeware MediaHuman Audio Converter 1.9.4 by MediaHuman. This application was chosen for the guide mostly due to its popularity, ease of use and batch conversion support (can turn multiple WMA files into MP3 at once, saving you some time when converting your entire music collection).

Tutorial assets

You will need to download the following software to follow along with this tutorial.

Here are the simple steps that you will need to complete in order to convert your WMA files into MP3

Step 1

Add the WMA files you want to convert either by clicking on the "Add" button (the plus sign) or by dragging-and-dropping them onto the program's interface.

Step 2

Click on the output format button (not the arrow!) in order to open the small window from where you can select MP3 as the desired format (view image) and add it to the drop-down format list (by default, it only contains AAC as an output format).

Pop-up Window for Format SelectionPop-up Window for Format Selection

Format is now present in the drop-down menuFormat is now present in the drop-down menu

Advanced Steps

Step 2.1

You can, optionally, change several parameters of your MP4 output file by accessing the "Preferences" menu (click on MediaHuman Audio Converter from the menu bar), selecting MP3 as the desired output format and choosing a "Custom" preset from the drop-down menu.

Select Custom ProfileSelect Custom Profile

Once you have done that, you will be able to select the desired channels to be used (mono, stereo or 5.1), the sample rate (frequency), the bit rate mode (CBR or VBR) and the bit rate value, as seen in the image below.

Output CustomizationOutput Customization

Step 3

Start the conversion process by clicking on the "Start" button (the one with the two arrows).

 By accessing the "Preferences" menu and clicking on the "General" tab, you can modify the output location, limit the number of used processors (lower the number, slower the conversion speed), choose to automatically convert added files and more.

General TabGeneral Tab


After the conversion process ends, you can instantly open the output folder simply by clicking on the magnifying class icon ("search" icon) next to the converted file. Turning your WMA files into MP3 using MediaHuman Audio Converter is a pretty simple process and you shouldn't encounter any problems whatsoever. You can even add multiple files to the conversion list, hit the "start" button and continue with your work while this tool converts each of your audio files, one after another, without asking you to interfere.

However, when adding a large number of files for conversion, this app might slow down your Mac until the process ends.

If you want to try other applications to convert your WMA files into MP3 format, then check the programs on the list below.

  • Batch conversion support.
  • Output customization options.
  • Free to use.
  • Support for multiple formats.
  • Very fast conversion speed.
  • None.

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