How to download and install Windows 10 Creators Update

How to download and install Windows 10 Creators Update How to download and install Windows 10 Creators Update

Earlier this month, Microsoft officials revealed that the new Windows 10 Creators Update was to start rolling out to PCs from all over the world on the 11th of April. The disadvantage is that this update is to be rolled out to hundreds of millions of Windows PCs, starting with the new-generation models. Hence, you might need to wait a while for the update to become available for your computer.

Fortunately, there are several ways for you to quickly put your hands on the latest Windows 10 update along with its numerous features and security enhancements. This guide will teach you how to take matters into your own hands and to download and install the Windows 10 Creators Update on your PC, eliminating the need to wait for Microsoft to prompt you a notification for updating your operating system.

Your computer needs to be running a licensed version of Windows 10 in order to successfully install the Creators Update on your PC. Also, it's best you use the Windows Recovery tool and an external drive to back up your data before updating your operating system and prevent any data loss.

In this article, I will show you how to update your system to the aforementioned version by using Microsoft's Update Assistant and Windows Insider Program.

Using Update Assistant

This utility is, as its name clearly implies, a program created for Windows users who wish to update their current operating system versions. The application is capable of downloading the new Windows update and installing it on your PC without requiring very much interference from your behalf. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1

Head to the page. Click the "Update Now" button from the upper-left side of the page and select a destination folder for the file.

Update Assistant PageUpdate Assistant Page

Step 2

Launch the file from the selected destination folder.

Step 3

The Update Assistant will start looking for available updates. Once it completes its scan, it will start installing the Windows 10 Creators Update on your PC.

Using Windows Insider Program

Since its release, the Windows Insider program was a successful product as it enabled PC users to sign up for early builds of the Microsoft operating systems, updates which were previously available only for developers. The goal was to release to the public their latest features or improvements and get access to feedback from its users. This program will help you get your hands on the Creators Update faster. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1

Press the "Start" button from the bottom-left side of your screen. Go to the Settings.

Step 2

In the "Update & Security" section, find "Windows Update" and open the "Advanced Options".

Windows Update WindowWindows Update Window

Step 3

Click the "Get Started" button and select the "Yes" options in the subsequent prompts. Restart your PC and wait several days before the update follows.


If you're the kind of Windows user who wants to constantly get access to the latest operating system version along with the new improvements and features, then this is the article for you. Back up and simply follow the aforementioned steps, and you will immediately get your hands on the highly-praised Creators Update.

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